Titanic: Honor & Glory – Second demo is now available

Vintage Digital Revival has released a new demo for its upcoming Unreal Engine 4-powered Titanic game, Titanic: Honor & Glory. In Titanic: Honor & Glory, players will be able to explore every corner of the ship and take in the breathtaking beauty of Titanic in a rich virtual reality.

As the team claimed:

“There are a few changes to this demo from the early access one but nothing major- mostly texture upgrades and some bugs -but we encourage those who want to download the newer one who have already gotten the first one to do so!”

Those interested can download this new demo from here.

In Titanic: Honor & Glory, players will be able to walk the narrow corridors to get a feeling for how cramped some of the spaces were on board, or stroll the promenades and wander the spacious public rooms of First Class to admire the craftsmanship of Edwardian shipbuilding and interior design at its best.

The game will feature two game modes: free roam and story mode.

In free roam, players can wander around the ship, the docks, and the city of Southampton with no objectives, minimal crowds, and no time limits.

In story mode, players must live in the confines of 1912 society and work to clear their name of horrible crimes, for which the police are chasing them. In the end, as the vessel begins to sink in real-time, players must work to finish their mission before it is too late.

Have fun!