THQ’s Humble Bundle ends, has made over $5 million

THQ’s Humble Bundle has come to an end, with 885,299 bundles sold for a total of
$5,097,537.77. Mind-blowing numbers? They sure are. Naturally, THQ won’t benefit from all this money as it will split to THQ, charity donations, and the Humble Bundle group itself. Still, THQ may have gained a lot of income for some old games that were never meant to be the driving ‘revenue’ force for this company.
According to the stats released, the average price tag was $5.76, and the top contributor to the cause was THQ’s president Jason Rubin, who at the end had contributed $10,000. Ironically, this small average price tag proves that there is a market and that publishers can earn more if they decide to lower their prices. After all, an good game that costs 5$ is more attractive than a better one that is priced at $30. And that’s a fact.
But then again, everyone wants to beat Call of Duty’s sales. Funny thing is that they can easily achieve that by lowering the price of a newly released game, instead of keeping the $60 price tag. That’s why Crytek – and almost everyone – believes that F2P is the future.
Let’s hope that the publisher will start using what it has learned from this campaign!