Doom feature v2

This mod turns Doom & Doom 2 into open-world games

Modder ‘ddadd’ has released a new version of his open-world mod for Doom. This latest version adds support for Doom 2, allowing you to explore its levels like a modern-day open-world game.

In case you weren’t aware of, Doom Free roam allows you to explore the worlds of Doom like never before. Instead of having a level switch to the next after completion, you can instead wander the terrain of the area you are on itself. You can go into different levels in different ways, travel through secret tunnels, buy items and weapons, and battle monsters.

According to the modder, Doom 2’s open worlds are better and more extravagant than the previous Doom 1 open worlds, with hills, lakes, and other bits of varied terrain.

As its description reads:

“Players can explore the city’s of earth, going through factories, crumbling buildings, and hellish gatherings that are all fully connected. Players can also explore the military bases and compounds, including prisons and command centers, as well as secret tunnels and corrupted labs.”

In short, this is a must-have mod, and we highly recommend downloading it from here.

Have fun!