This mod recreates No Man’s Sky in classic DOOM

YouTube’s “Robert Prest” has released a video, showcasing a mod that brings No Man’s Sky to id Software’s classic shooter, Doom. This mod took Prest around three weeks to create, and a download link will be provided to the public shortly.

This mod has randomly generated aliens, and… wait for it… ‘billions of planets’ . You are also equipped with a laser gun to mine resources that you can then trade for a bigger bag, or a faster ship. Oh, and you have a jetpack too.

As Prest said:

“There is more that could be added, and due to the flipbook style randomisation on the creatures, each addition makes exponentially more creatures and possible planets, but I didn’t want to spend too long on this before releasing.”

We will update this story with the download link once it becomes available. Until then, enjoy the video!

No Guy's Sky (No man's sky in Doom)