This mod makes Starcraft 2 look like an awesome cartoon, releases on October 11th

Carbot Animations has announced that StarCrafts Mod – a mod that overhauls the game’s visuals and animations, making it look like a cartoon – will be released on October 11th. In order to celebrate this announcement, Carbot Animations released the launch trailer for StarCrafts Mod that can be viewed below.

According to the team, this mod will be a custom game in the arcade, with a series of different maps to play against and with your friends, and it will not accessible as a skin on the Starcraft 2 ladder.

Those interested can try a demo for StarCrafts Mod from here or by manually heading to Battlenet > Starcraft 2 > ARCADE > and typing into search browser: “star crafts mod”.


StarCrafts Mod Release Date Trailer