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This must-have mod for Skyrim adds more dialogue options, making various conversations more immersive

GOsteW and lilebonymace have released a must-have mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This mod adds dialogue options in a simple and immersive way to improve various conversations in the vanilla game.

According to the modders, the responses are all voiced by using the original voice files of the game. Furthermore, the new options are meant to feel like they should have been in the game all along. As such, even the fans of the vanilla game will find this mod interesting and cool.

For instance, the mod adds a dialogue option to skip the explanation about how marriage works in Skyrim or a dialogue option to end the conversation with the Boethiah cultist. These are subtle additions, however, we’re certain that a lot of Skyrim fans will find them cool.

So far, the modders have improved the conversations with Revelers, Aela, Brunwulf, Maul, Tonilia, Brynjolf, Boethiah and Maramal. I don’t know whether the team aims to overhaul any additional conversations, though this sounds possible.

Needless to say that we highly recommend downloading this mod. It’s also worth noting that “More Dialogue Options” is available for both the original version and the Special Edition.

Lastly, the modders claimed that TES5Edit should be enough to give you a good idea about compatibility and load order.

Have fun!

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