Doom feature v2

This mod for DOOM brings the weapons and the gameplay style from Doom 2016 to it

Well, this was bound to happen. Modder ‘DBThanatos’ has released a mod that brings the weapons and the gameplay of the latest Doom game into the classic Doom maps via GZdoom.

Although there aren’t any gory kills, it’s a really cool mod that actually makes – for better or worse – feel like the new Doom game.

Those interested can download the mod from here. You will also need the latest GZDoom Devbuild (that can be found here).

And here is the changelog for the latest version of the mod:

  • Buffed frag grenade
  • Fixed frag grenades sometimes getting stuck on top of monsters or decorations
  • Holo grenade’s marine lasts less time in the field
  • Added chainsaw animation
  • Speed up chaingun spinup animation
  • Added weapon selection order
  • Fixed HAR scope using 2 bullets per shot
  • Added Terg500’s gauss cannon sprite edits
  • Fixed Gauss Siege mode using too little ammo
  • Fixed gauss cannon sound issues when in precision shot mode
  • HAR micro missiles behaviour enhanced to mimic that of D4
  • Rebalanced HAR
  • Enhanced performance of the BFG laser effects
  • Added option to disable (visually) the BFG laser effects, behavior remains unchanged
  • Plasma rifle’s stun bomb gravity/reach ajusted
  • Pistol alt fire buffed
  • Static rifle damage buffed
  • Changed barrel code to explode at the same speed as vanilla’s
  • Added explosion quake effects and toggle for it
  • Nerfed Lost soul
  • (last minute) fixed shells HUD counters not decreasing properly
  • Rebalanced some prices of upgrades
  • Buffed mobile turret
  • Added new turret firing sound
  • Balanced turret firepower
  • Balanced shotgun trishot firepower
  • Added some explosion effects
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