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This mod brings Crysis’ nanosuit, with all of its functionalities, to Fallout New Vegas

Modder ‘salomaogh’ has released a brand new version of his Crysis Nanosuit mod for Fallout New Vegas. As its title suggests, this mod brings the Crytek Nanosuit Systems 1 , 2 and 3 to Fallout New Vegas.

The Crysis Nanousit mod features a Primary and a Secondary Menu, and supports all of the functionalities of the nanosuit. As such, players can cloak, run faster, jump higher and punch their enemies.

Here are the features and the default keys for the Crysis Nanosuit mod

  • Primary Menu: X (Hold)
  • Secondary Menu: Tap the Primary Menu hotkey and then hold it.
  • Power Jump: L-Alt – (Double Tap).
  • Sprint: Left Shift – (Tap and hold it)
  • Tactical Visor Zoom: M (Hold). Use the mouse wheels to zoom in\out.
  • Toggle Eletronic Devices while the Visor is On: N (Tap).

This latest version of the Crysis Nanosuit mod for Fallout New Vegas adds support for customizable tasks, improves performance, improves the Detection Meter, improves the Camouflage script, improves the  melee hit, fixes issues with Sprinting in certain cases and adds a perk mode option for those who do not wish to aquire the suit abilities through perks.

Those interested can download the mod from here, and below you can find the complete changelog for its latest release.

Crysis Nanosuit Mod Version 7.0.0 Release Notes:

  • Jumped to the version to 7.0.0 due to the massive internal changes.
  • Fix issue with Visor zoom not restoring the default FOV value properly and the improved the script.
  • Added support for customizable tasks (batch files).
  • Several performance improvements.
  • The Visor has been expanded to provide information about more types of objects.
  • Improved the way energy is restored\consumed.
  • Improved the Detection Meter.
  • Improved the Camouflage script. The player will stay undetected by actors while cloaked as long a minimum distance (configurable) is kept.
  • Added a few more configurable variables and removed unnecessary ones.
  • Added a perk mode option for those who do not wish to aquire the suit abilities through perks. Now, they can be bought.
  • Added a feature that is an early implementation of hacking in Crysis 3. For now, the user can toggle some eletronic devices (Radios, Eletronic doors etc) when the Visor is on.
  • Added a restriction that the suit only works if the user has at least 1 unit of the power source (a misc item simply called “Suit Energy Source”). That emulates the need of fusion cores for Power Armors in Fallout 4.
  • The suit may enter a overheated and cooling down state. However, Which situations those states will be triggered is an object for further implementation, but they can be triggered through the batch scripts.
  • List of weapons (from other mods) that can be fired without disrupting the Cloak Mode has been extracted from the mod and is now in a INI file called “silenced weapons”.
  • List of explosions that will force the suit to enter the Offline State (iSuitStatus = -1) has been extracted from the mod and is now in a INI file called “EMP explosions”.
  • List of weapons’ object effect that will drain energy from the suit has been extracted from the mod and is now in a INI file called “EMP Object Effects”.
  • List of toggeable devices that can be activated when the Visor is on has been extracted from the mod and is now in a INI file called “Toggleable Devices”.
  • Improved the Radial Menus logic so that you can deactivate all suit modes when using the Nanosuit 1.
  • The Detection Meter and the Radar, which are features that consume processing power, can be disabled in MCM to improve performance.
  • The player will now be able to move undetected from the Nellis AFB Artillery while cloaked.
  • Fix issues with Sprinting in certain cases.
  • Fix an issue when equipping\unequipping the suit in the inventory menu.
  • Fixed an error when the suit was offline.
  • Improved the  melee hit (Solid Project’s feature) compatibility.
  • Added more event handlers and renamed other ones.


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