Fallout 3 feature

This mod adds a Hardcore Mode to Fallout 3

Modder ‘vasiD’ has released a new mod for Fallout 3 that adds a Hardcore Mode to it. According to the modder, this mod does not take any liberties with Fallout 3’s original balance. As such, it keeps values and rates the same where possible.

The goal of this mod is to work within the balance of the original game adding in more strategy and thought to the gameplay. It also aims to add more depth to surviving in the world.

In other words, this mod should act the same as turning on Hardcore Mode in Fallout New Vegas. Thus, think of it as a subtle background change that does not aim to fully overhaul your experience, but merely add to what’s already there.

Those interested can download this Hardcore Mod from here, and below you can find its key features.

Fallout 3 Hardcore Mode Key Features
  • Stimpaks, radaway and every other food and drink item restore health/rads over time. Health/Rads restored are based on vanilla Fallout 3 amounts to maintain game balance. Now that massive stockpile of Simpaks won’t do you any good if you’re not using them properly.
  • Sleeping no longer heals the player or their limb condition making stimpaks and doctors the only way to heal limbs. Simpaks still heal limbs to maintain game balance.
  • Ammo has weight. Weights taken directly from New Vegas Hardcore Mode. Now that your stockpile of 5.56 and 10mm is weighing you down you’ll either need to invest in Strength or be more careful with what you loot. Also you won’t be carrying around 100 Fatman nukes, in fact I would absolutely recommend Big Guns users now invest in Strength if they weren’t already.
  • The Player now has thirst, hunger, and sleep needs they must fulfill. Rates and effects are taken directly from New Vegas Hardcore Mode. Looting food and drink items will now be more interesting rather than just a poor alternative to already plentiful simpaks.
  • HUD indicatiors will pop up above the health meter when the player is suffering from negative needs effects. The Player’s H2O, FOD, and SLP numbers can be viewed on the condition screen of the pipboy.
  • Food and Drink items will restore thirst, hunger, and sometimes even sleep needs.
  • The Food Sanitizer now gives bonuses equivelent to 50 points in the Survival skill in New Vegas, namely the effectiveness of food and drink is doubled, however not every item is effected.
  • For every hour the player sleeps they take 58 points off their SLP meter.
  • The player drinking from water sources will take 200 points off their H20 meter.
  • The player using the cannibal perk and eating a corpse will take 25 points off their FOD meter. The cannibal perk has also had it’s required level lowered to 4 in line with New Vegas.
  • Needs system will turn off during childhood in the vault and during the Tranquility Lane simulation.
  • Needs system will turn off during Operation Anchorage with the DLC patch.
  • Items added by DLC will feature changes listed above where needed when using the DLC patch.
  • Needs disabling scripts for quests such as Tranquility Lane and Operation Anchorage will quietly shut themselves off if the player has already passed those points when first loading up the mod.
  • DLC has been tested with DLC Needs patch and confirmed survivable even for a character without a stockpile of Food/Water/Nuka-Cola.