Half Life Classic feature

This Half-Life mod re-imagines and revamps its scrapped 1997 version, available for download

Half-Life fans, here is something for you today. Jackathan has released the first version of In Deep; a mod that re-imagines and revamps the scrapped 1997 version of Half-Life.

This first release features the entire “Office Warrens” chapter from the Half-Life 0.52 Alpha. Jackathan has remade this chapter from scratch, which also comes with improved puzzles and gameplay.

As Jackathan noted, this isn’t a 1-1 remake of the cancelled “Office Warrens” chapter. Still, it does not stray too far from the original’s designs and layouts.

In conclusion, In Deep’s Office Warrens is a less linear and somewhat extended version of Office Complex from retail Half-Life. It’s a cool concept, and you can download the mod from here.

I also suggest trying the co-op mod for Half-Life. That mod lets you play the entire single-player campaign in co-op mode, so be sure to also give it a go.

Have fun!