Gothic 2 feature

This Gothic 2 graphics overhaul mod adds 600+ new textures and 60+ new or improved models

Modder ‘Vurt’ has released a brand new graphics mod for Piranha Bytes’ classic RPG, Gothic 2. According to its description, this Gothic 2 Graphics Overhaul adds 600+ new textures and 60+ new or improved models, new rain, sun, skies, as well as new trees.

Furthermore, this graphics mod adds new and improved water that also runs smoother than its original version (so expect higher framerates), new meshes with higher poly count for rocks, and some other various improvements.

In order to showcase these changes, Vurt has shared some comparison screenshots that you can find below.

Those interested can download the mod from here. Do note that this is only a graphics overhaul mod and does not feature any gameplay changes or enhancements.

Have fun!