The Tale of ALLTYNEX – Japanese Arcade Shooting Trilogy – Coming To The West, Kickstarter Launched

The Tale of ALLTYNEX
Hell bloody yeah. We here in DSOG are huge fans of arcade shooting games. Naturally, this is a genre that has not been very kind to the PC, however things may change with this Kickstarter campaign. Nyu Media has informed us about The Tale of ALLTYNEX, a trilogy of arcade shooting games, created for the PC (Windows) by Japanese indie developer SITER SKAIN. All three games are legends in shmup / shooting game communities, both in Japan and overseas, and will be translated to English.
The three games that make up the chapters of the ALLTYNEX trilogy are Chapter One: ALLTYNEX Second, Chapter Two: RefleX and Chapter Three: KAMUI.
Chapter One: ALLTYNEX Second will pack 5 stages of carefully crafted 2.5D vertical scrolling shooting action,p owerful Blade melee mechanics, and advanced combo system, as well as Tutorial, Practice and Replay (featuring normal and cinematic views) modes.
Chapter Two: RefleX features 8 stages of action and massive boss battles, a reflective shield system mechanic, dramatic developments to match the in-game story progress, a diverse roster of enemies, while it will support Arcade, Training and unlockable Soundtrack modes.
Last but not least, Chapter Three: KAMUI will come with 6 stages of meticulously designed levels and presentation, retro 2D arcade visuals, a score multiplier system based on an auto-targeting Lighting Attack, a finely-tuned difficulties and rank system, and a new English version called ‘TATE’.
Nyu Media aims to raise $5K in the next 29 days, and you can back this project up by visiting its Kickstarter page.