The Sinking City – Frogwares’ Open-world Investigation Lovecraftian Game – Officially Unveiled

Back in December 2015, we informed you about a Lovecraftian game that was being developed by Frogwares. This game won’t be called “Call of Cthulhu” as we originally believed. Instead, the game will be called The Sinking City, will be an open world investigation game, and below you can find some new artworks as well as its first screenshot.

As Frogwares noted:

“It’s bigger than what we ever did and we feel it’s the right next step for us, bringing the investigations to be free and opened in the city. We also believe that Lovecraft universe, Cthulhu Mythos is the right setting for the game.”


The Sinking City featureL_16_1_RL_4_R