The PC version of The Surge won’t be a console port, won’t feature any additional DRM

In a Reddit AMA, Deck13’s developers revealed some new details about the PC version of The Surge. According to the developers, the PC version of The Surge won’t be a console port as Deck13 is co-developing on PC and consoles.

“Actually the PC version isn’t a port, as we were co-developing on PC and consoles. The versions of all three platforms should feel very much on par – of course, you can ramp it up a bit more on the PC if you have a powerful machine!”

But what about the DRM that will be applied to this game? Well, according to the developers, there won’t be any additional DRM other than Steam’s very own DRM.

“When you’re publishing a game you look at a lot of options and a lot of partnerships and from that data you project a result.

In this case, the data suggested that heavy DRM wasn’t the right solution for this game. I realize that’s quite a shit answer, but my point is that nobody is gunning for Denuvo or against Denuvo, a series of very uninteresting discussions simply result in its use or not. In this case, nah.”

So yeah, apparently Focus Home Interactive is not really a fan of DRMs.

The Surge releases tomorrow!