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The next Nioh could feature open-ended gameplay similar to Dark Souls

Nioh 2: Complete Edition is only a couple of days away. The sequel is releasing on Steam on February 5th, and includes all the content from Nioh 2 along with all three DLC expansions. It will also feature full mouse and keyboard support, 4K support, HDR, Ultra Wide Screen support, and 144Hz monitor support.

The director of Nioh, Fumihiko Yasuda, has recently given an interview to Games Talk. According to the director the original plan for Nioh is to have open-ended gameplay similar to Dark Souls.

Meaning an open world, where the players can choose their own path. Although Dark Souls is not exactly an open-world game, or at least not in the same sense as Red Dead Redemption or The Witcher 3.

That was the original plan for Nioh, but never came through. Nevertheless, the third installment of Nioh might go that way. Even thought there are no plans for a third game, the possibility of another sequel is very possible considering the success of Nioh 2.

Furthermore, he said that the series could go outside of Japan, and the Three Kingdoms Era could be one of the possibilities. You can read the original Japanese article here.

Below you can watch the announcement trailer for Nioh 2: The Complete Edition.


Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition Announcement Trailer

You can purchase Nioh 2: The Complete Edition from Steam here.

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