The Inner World Announced – New Point n Click Adventure Coming In Q2 2013

Today Headup Games proclaims the collaboration with Ludwigsburg located Studio Fizbin for a worldwide exclusive agreement. In the course of this agreement Headup Games will release the fabulous and lovely animated Point-and-Click-Adventure The Inner World in the second quarter of 2013 worldwide for PC, Mac, iPad and iPhone.
The idea of The Inner World was born in the seminar of the study course “Interactive Media” on the renowned Institution for Animation of the filmacademy Baden-Wuerttemberg and the Weingarten college. A group of students designed the characters, an overall design, and the storyline. When it was put to breathe life into the first concepts and add more content, numerous students were on the spot to help vitally advancing the world of Asposia – the game’s setting.
In the end the development of a prototype of this game turned into the final exam oft the three students Sebastian Mittag (director), Mareike Ottrand (Design), and Alexander Pieper (coding). After passing the finals of the studies they decided to found the Indie Studio Fizbin. Shortly after, the team was provided with advancements from the Digital Content Funds of the MFG Baden-Wuerttemberg to continue and finish the project. The promising work of Studio Fizbin led them to be nominated for the category “Best Up-and-Coming Concept” for the German Computer Game Prize.
The Inner World takes place in “Asposia”, a world that – in contrary to all laws of physics – is located in an enormous hollow space. “Asposia” is surrounded by endless soil, and ventilated solely through three big wind fountains. When suddenly one fountain after another runs dry and the Windgods befall Asposia the players find themselves in the role of Robert, a naive and cheerful novice, in the center of unexpected events. With the mysterious thief Laura, best intentions and not the slightest clue Robert hits the road to solve the secret behind the disappearance of the winds.
The game is a fabulously twisted 2D Point-and-Click-Adventure where players come across quirky and outstandingly animated characters, and have to solve challenging puzzles and follow the humorously story.
The Inner World will be released in the second quarter of 2013 for PC, Mac, iPad and iPhone.