The first Watch_Dogs will be available for free next week on Epic Games Store

Ubisoft and Epic Games have announced that the first Watch Dogs game will be available for free on EGS next week. Watch_Dogs is infamous for its graphics downgrade, however, and after installing various mods, the game can still look great on the PC.

This week, Epic Games is offering for free Anodyne 2: Return To Dust, A Short Hike and Mutazione. From today and until March 19th, PC gamers can visit their EGS pages and acquire their free copies.

Anodyne 2: Return To Dust is an indie adventure exploration game. Players can run, jump, and drive across vast, dreamy 3D landscapes. Players can also shrink into surreal, 2D dungeons inside of characters’ bodies. Moreover, they can travel the world, meet strange people, and save the world from the dangerous Nano Dust.

On the other hand, A Short Hike is an indie platformer. In this game, players can hike, climb, and soar through the peaceful mountainside landscapes of Hawk Peak Provincial Park.

Lastly, Mutazione is an adventure game where the juicy personal drama is just as important as the high-stakes adventure part of the story. Players can explore the community as 15-year-old Kai. Kai will travel to Mutazione to care for her ailing grandfather, Nonno.

Have fun!