THE FINALS new feature

THE FINALS features Ray Tracing Global Illumination & supports DLSS 3

Embark Studios has launched the Closed Beta phase for its free-to-play, combat-centered game, THE FINALS. And, although this is a multiplayer game, the game will take advantage of Ray Tracing Global Illumination. Furthermore, it supports NVIDIA’s latest AI tech, DLSS 3.

Below you can find a video from “2kliksphilip”, in which he provides comparisons between RT On and RT Off. As we can clearly see, the game greatly benefits from ray-traced Global Illumination, especially in shadowy areas.

2kliksphilip has also showcased the game’s advanced destruction system. From what we can see, THE FINALS will allow you to destroy whole buildings. However, there will be numerous objects that will be indestructible. So don’t expect complete destruction similar to what we saw in Teardown. Still, this is better than what most triple-A games currently offer.

In THE FINALS, players will fight alongside their teammates in virtual arenas that you can alter, exploit, and even destroy. Players can build their own playstyle in this first-person shooter to win escalating tournaments and lasting fame.


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