The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind gets a 2GB mod that adds normal maps to all exterior environments

Modder ‘Hasphat’ has released a new overhauld mod for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. This mod, which is 2GB in size, adds normal maps to all exterior environments. This basically means that there are normal maps for the terrain, rocks, trees, buildings, armors, weapons, and creatures.

Do note that the modder has used a number of texture packs in order to create this mod. As such, and in order to get the best possible results, Hasphat recommends using these mods  before installing this “normal map” pack.

Required Texture Mods (install in this order):
On The Rocks
khajiit Heads
Improved Argonians (meshes too)
Darknuts Weapons
Darknut’s Armor
Landscape Retexture
Vivec/Velothi Retexture
*Hi-Rez Native Styles (just the textures, not the meshes [they have issues])
Outlander Styles
Note:  Keening and Sunder are based on Kane’s Keening and Sunder, and I don’t know where to find them anymore, but they have different meshes that call for different texture files, so if you don’t have them Keening and Sunder will not be bumped

Extra PBR mods:
Clanfear Replacer
Nix-Hound Replacer
Mucksponge Replacer
Mushroom Tree Replacer
Shalk Replacer
Mudcrab Replacer

Optional files:
Trees  look weird in PBR mode without specular occlusion files.  Use these trees for bump mapped, not bright-white trees.
Vurts GL Trees II
Vurts Leafy WG
Remiros AI trees
Vurts BC Trees

After installing the aforementioned texture packs, PC gamers can install this new “Environmental Normal Map” pack.

Those interested can download the mod from here. In order to showcase the visual improvements that this pack brings – alongside the other texture packs – the modder released the following screenshots.