The Dolphin emulator can now boot every GameCube game

Dolphin, the best GameCube emulator to date, has just been upgraded and is now able to run/boot every official GameCube game. This is huge news, as Dolphin is one step away from fully emulating GameCube.

According to the team, this latest version of Dolphin emulates more accurately the PowerPC Memory Management Unit and as a result of that, each and every GameCube game – including Star Wars: The Clone Wars; a game that never ran in Dolphin – can be booted.

The Dolphin team has published a lengthy post in which it details the improvements it did to Dolphin in order to emulate more accurately GameCube’s MMU.

The team concluded that Dolphin is one step closer to fully emulating GameCube.

“With this rewrite, Dolphin has taken another big leap in accuracy under the hood. While most users shouldn’t see a difference, a few random crashes here and there should be sorted out. It’s bittersweet in a way, while it is a momentous occasion to get the last GameCube game booting, it also denotes that there aren’t many huge mysteries remaining. While some games still crash, and there are a lot of issues to still tackle, there are no completely broken games that make zero sense remaining.”