The Cursed Crusade – GamesCom Trailer

Mastertronic, the UK’s leading independent publisher of computer and video games, today released the latest trailer for upcoming title The Cursed Crusade. The latest trailer highlights the huge variety of fighting techniques available within the game, with over 100 different attacks and over 100 finishing moves.
Players will be able to utilise a vast array of weaponry including swords, axes, spears and shields. They will also be able to fight using interactive objects within environments; barrels, buckets, wells and more, can be used to dispose of enemies. Also revealed in the latest trailer are brutal finishing moves that players will be able to perform by working with friends in the game’s co-op mode.

Mastertronic’s Product Director Neil McKenna said:

“The latest trailer shows some of the brilliant fighting techniques that fans can use to battle their way through The Cursed Crusade. There’s an impressive range of weaponry and fighting techniques available to bring enemies to a brutal end. The latest trailer also shows that players will be able to use objects within levels as weapons. So, as an alternative to running your enemiesthrough with a sword you can smash them over the head with a barrel or simply push them down a well.”
The Cursed Crusade is scheduled to be released in the UK 2011 for PlayStation 3, X360 and PC.