The Crow’s Eye – New Indie First-person Horror Adventure Inspired By Amnesia & Bioshock

3D2 Entertainment has informed us about its upcoming first-person horror adventure called The Crow’s Eye. The Crow’s Eye is inspired by folklore horror stories, and modern games storytelling like Bioshock and Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

Here is what 3D2 had to say about the key features of The Crow’s Eye:

-The story: It is certainly not easy to create a game’s plot intending it to appear “adult”. We spent 2 months working on the plot so that all parts would fit. It took a rather long time, but we believe the result is absolutely worth it, and so we’re convinced the story is one of the game’s strengths.
-The atmosphere: Details matter. A lot. They are part of the whole. From that one light slipping through a slit, to that sound that gives you the goosebumps. In a game such as this one we had to deepen in this aspect. Graphically speaking, we are very proud of the result. It isn’t a photorealistic game, though it is artistically very pleasing. We can’t reveal anything for now, but we’ll soon be giving more information.
-The mechanics: We’re thrilled about this. The Crow’s Eye isn’t just a horror game. We’ve mixed features of other styles. Stealth, investigation, puzzles, and many more we’ll be revealing later on.

The game is coming exclusively to the PC, and you can view a teaser trailer for it below.


The Crow's Eye first teaser: A close night