The Crew 2 is free to play on UPLAY until April 13th

Ubisoft has announced that The Crew 2 is currently free to play on UPLAY. From today and until April 13th, PC gamers can download the game and play it for free. Since this is a free to play offer, you will only be able to play the game during this free weekend period.

Players will have access to the full game, including its latest update. Naturally, players will also be able to explore the entire US on land, sea and in the air. And as always, your saves will transfer to the full game once – and if – you purchase it.

The Crew 2 lets players experience the thrill of the American motorsports spirit inside a fully redesigned USA. As the press release reads, the game’s playground pushes physical boundaries to let driving and open world fans test their skills in nonstop competition and exploration.

You can download the free to play version of The Crew 2 from here.

Have fun!