The BioWare team responsible for Star Wars: KOTOR is currently working on a new IP project

Star Wars KOTOR
Admit it; Star Wars: KOTOR was one of the best Star Wars games. Good news then for everyone as BioWare’s Casey Hudson revealed that this talented team is currently working on a new IP for BioWare. As Hudson pointed out, the Core team – the studio responsible for KOTOR that was also behind the Mass Effect series – is now working on a new, unannounced, IP project that will most likely hit next-gen platforms.
In case you’re wondering, this Core team is consisted of David Falkner (Lead Programmer), Steven Gilmour (Lead Animator), Casey Hudson (Producer / Project Director), Drew Karpyshyn (Lead Writer), James Ohlen (Lead Designer), Preston Watamaniuk (Assistant Lead Designer), Derek Watts (Art Director).


What troubles us here, though, is that the Core team – as suggested – has worked on the entire Mass Effect series, and we do know how fans feel about that ending. Not only that, but let’s not forget that what started as an RPG that was focused on combat and action ended up as an action game with a number of RPG elements. Oh, and don’t get us started with the MP mode that was not needed at all (but was included in order to attract the COD crowd).
Let’s hope that BioWare learned from its mistakes, and that the new Mass Effect and Dragon Age titles – as well as this new IP project – will not fall into the same mistakes of their predecessors.
Kudos to NeoGAF’s member ‘shinobi602’ for spotting it!