The Banner Saga – First Gameplay Footage From Its F2P Online MP Mode

Hey everyone. Remember The Banner Saga? No? Shame on you. The Banner Saga is a RPG/RTS hybrid that is developed by Stoic, a company formed by ex-BioWare members. Although the game has not been finished yet, Stoic has unveiled the first gameplay footage from the game’s combat system.
Now before jumping to early conclousions, The Banner Saga will not be a mere F2P game. The Banner Saga will sport both SP and MP modes. However, the mode that is showcased below is the multiplayer portion of The Banner Saga – called The Banner Saga Factions – and will be coming (for free) this Winter on PC & Mac, via Steam.
Even though the combat mechanics look quite simple at first glance, there is a lot of depth in this turn-based title. And it sure as hell looks cute and addictive.
Those interested can sign-up for early access on the beta phase of The Banner Saga: Factions.
The Banner Saga: Factions beta gameplay video