The Amazing Spider-man 2 – PC Version Is Locked At 30FPS When In-Game VSync Is Enabled

Spider-man fans, get ready to be hugely disappointed. The Amazing Spider-man 2 has just been released on the PC and we are sad to report that the game is locked at 30FPS when VSync is enabled. Yes, 30FPS in a Spider-man game; a game in which framerate is crucial. It’s ironic but the last game locked at 30FPS I can remember was NFS: Rivals (and before that Dark Souls). And despite the fact that the game itself is not THAT demanding, Beenox (or whoever handled the PC port) decided to lock the framerate for unknown reasons.

As a result of this lock, a lot of you will get ‘sick’ (aka nauseous) with the game’s performance while travelling through the city. And that’s a huge disappointment as everyone was expecting the PC version to – at least – offer a better framerate than its console counterpart.

We are currently preparing a Performance Analysis for it and from what we’ve seen thus far, The Amazing Spider-man is an underwhelming port, so stay tuned for more!


We should note that this happens only when in-game VSync is enabled. Thankfully, you can disable it. By disabling it, the game’s framerate is locked at 62FPS.