Terraria gives Modern Warfare 3 a run for its money

Yeap, you read that right. Indie game Terraria is giving Modern Warfare 3 a run for his money as their userbases are neck-to-neck after the latest, huge update of Re-Logic’s indie game that went live a few days ago. Spotted by PC Gamer, the following graph shows that Terraria’s playerbase is almost the same with Modern Warfare 3’s.
There is no doubt; the playerbase of Terraria is higher than the one of Modern Warfare 3’s in SP mode. Now some might say that it’s all about the MP mode of Modern Warfare 3, and while that is true, it’s really impressive to see such an indie title matching the numbers of a triple-A game. We should also note that Terraria was on Sale with a 75% discount, so that obviously made wonders to the game’s sales. We can even assume that it was one of the reasons we are noticing such a higher playerbase – after December 1st – in the following graph.
Those interested can purchase Terraria from Steam.