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Ten students have created “The Last Of Us” scene in Unreal Engine 4 in 12 weeks, and it looks cool

Fabrizio Bergamo and nine more students have created, in twelve weeks, a scene inspired by The Last Of Us in Unreal Engine 4. According to Fabrizio, the group was asked to create a “The Last of Us 2” set in London, 20 years after the outbreak.

The environment had to be enclosed and based on exploration. The style and quality of the scene had to replicate the realistic tone from The Last of Us, using the PBR workflow. Furthermore, the environment had to also include a transition from interior to exterior, a hero asset, a vista looking out to a large environment which was not accessible, triggerable events and interesting level design.

Fabrizio and his team have released some screenshots from this project, as well as some videos. While this is a bit rough around the edges (you can easily notice the flickering lighting and the weird camera movement), it’s really cool witnessing such a fan project. Moreover, and contrary to other projects, this feels like a proper indie tech demo and not just a map showcase.

Unfortunately this project is not available for download (and we don’t expect the group to ever release it). Still, it’s cool and we had to share it with you.


The Last of London (The Last of Us 2 Fan Project) - Cinematic