The Technomancer has been delayed to June 28th

The Technomancer was originally planned for a June 21st release, however it appears that Focus Home Interactive has slightly delayed the game. Even though the publisher did not issue any press release for the delay, its Steam store page (as well as its official website) has been updated and has the game listed for a June 28th release.

Moreover, the embargo for The Technomancer lifts on June 28th, something that further proves that the game has been delayed indeed.

For what is worth, Focus Home Interactive has provided us with a Review code, so expect to hear more about The Technomancer next week.

The Technomancer is a roleplaying game at heart and it starts from the character creation screen, where you will customize your appearance and make your first character development decisions. During the 40 hours of quests, you’ll earn precious experience points, that will let you further develop your character through 4 skill trees tied to 3 different combat stances and your technomancer powers. These will help you face the many dangers of Mars: other human survivors and mutants, as well as the numerous hybrid creatures bioengineered by the first human settlers.

You will also learn talents that will be useful during the exploration phases. Along your journey you’ll recruit many companions each with their own story, behaviour, moral code, special quests and talents, that assist you in combat as well as exploration. Steel yourself and your companions with better armor pieces and weapons, and further improve your equipment with the crafting system. All along your journey, you’ll create a unique hero (or anti-hero) and story that reflects the choices, friends and enemies you made.

Stay tuned for more!

The Technomancer - Survive on Mars (Gameplay)