Team Fortress 2 – Meet The Pyro

Valve has released a new trailer for the new character that is introduced to Team Fortress 2. The masked arsonist known only as “Pyro” has always been the most unknowable of the Team Fortress mercenaries. Until now. Today the mask comes off. Metaphorically. That’s right: It’s time to Meet the Pyro. Team Fortress 2 has also been updated and you can view its complete changelog below. Enjoy!
Team Fortress 2 Update Changelog:
-Added Pyrovision!
-Added new game mode Special Delivery and map Doomsday!
-Friendly players glow when carrying the flag
-Fixed rare cases where flag could fall out of the world
-Fixed cases where the Payload HUD looked like the cart is still on a hill when it isn’t
-Fixed cases where some clients didn’t receive broadcasts about long continuous particle effects being started or stopped
-Updated the HTML renderer for displaying server MOTD
-Votes created by a dedicated server no longer trigger a failed vote cooldown
-Fixed map triggered annotation events not working on dedicated servers
-Fixed the game crashing if tempents are created that use invalid materials
-Using a Name Tag while in game notifies everyone of the name change
-Fixed Strange Part: Projectiles Reflected not tracking grenade and sentry rocket deflections

Added new items

-City on Fire item sets
-Pyroland weapons and cosmetics
-Community-contributed cosmetic items for all classes
-Mysterious treasures have been incinerated, but are now craftable
-Added crafting recipe for Pile of Ash
-Scorched Keys are now available in the store for a limited time
-New promo item
Weapon balancing changes
-Gloves of Running Urgently
-Removed self-damage over time penalty
-Heavy takes mini-crits while active and for 3 seconds after switching away
-Attack damage penalty reduced from -50% to -25%
-Spin-up speed bonus reduced from +40% to +10%
-Medic mirrors blast jump of their heal target
-Crusader’s Crossbow
-Reload speed time reduced by +40%
-Cozy Camper
-Regenerates 1 heath per second
-Reduced movement penalty from -90% to -80%
-Sticky Jumper and Rocket Jumper
-Added ‘flying’ sound to blast jumps
-The Concheror
-Changed rage building source from “damage done and damage received” to only “damage done”
-Increased the rate at which Rage builds for this item by +25%
-The Equalizer
-Removed player move speed modification and added it to a new item named The Escape Plan
-All owners of the Equalizer will be automatically granted The Escape Plan
-Added +25% increased movement speed while active
-Increased duration from 6 to 8 seconds
-Atomic Bonk
-Increased duration from 6 to 8 seconds
-All Flamethrowers
-Increased base damage by +10%.
-Removed +10% damage bonus attribute
-Note: Because of base damage increase, damage remains unchanged
-Added -10% damage penalty attribute
-Note: Because of base damage increase, damage remains unchanged
-Damage defense while taunting reduced from -90% to -75%
Item bug fixes
-Fixed sentry sometimes spawning in shielded mode while the Wrangler was equipped, but not deployed
-Improved visual and audio cues for when the Manmelter is ready to fire
-Fixed Manmelter being able to earn crits via friendly Pyro self-damage
-Fixed Scotch Bonnet’s blue team skin not showing
-Fixed Unarmed Combat’s taunt not working
-Unarmed Combat’s color now matches the team using it
-Fixed the Apparition’s Aspect showing a burning texture in DX8

John Papadopoulos

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