Super Smash Land; a 2D version of Smash Bros that is available right now on the PC

I bet there is a bunch of PC gamers out there that love fighting games. Well, get ready guys because Super Smash Land has just been released and is available for free. Developed by Dan Fornace, this indie game is based on Nintendo’s Smash Bros series and has a really retro, 2D feel to it. In addition, the game features a handful of the original characters and stages, along with both the campaign and versus modes.
Those interested can download it from here. We doubt that Nintendo will be able to do anything since this game doesn’t use any asset from the series – as it’s a 2D re-work – but still, who knows what will actually happen when Nintendo finds out this freeware. So, if you are a fan of this series, go get it while you still can.
Enjoy the following trailer!
Super Smash Land Release Trailer - A Game Boy Demake by Dan Fornace