Super Meat Boy Galaxy is an amazing – unreleased – crossover between Super Meat Boy and Mario Galaxy

Now this is something you should all check out. Aubrey Hesselgren has reated an incredible mashup between Super Mario Galaxy and Super Meat Boy, and we are pretty sure that most Super Meat Boy fans will appreciate it, as it gives us an idea of what a 3D version of our beloved platformer would look like.
But before continuing, let us tell you that this is an unreleased project, created in honour of Tommy Refenes’ (Super Meat Boy programmer) 30th birthday. In other words, there are no links to download, nor any plans for making the next Super Meat Boy a 3D game similar to it.
According to Aubrey Hesselgren, creator of this mini-game, it took him a few evenings and then a very solid weekend to complete it. The game is based on the Unity engine, and borrows a lot of elements from Nintendo’s Super Mario Galaxy game.
Now let us tell you that we’d love to see this game getting some extra love, further polished and getting released. This crossover has the potential to become the next big indie platformer hit, so hopefully Team Meat will collaborate with Aubrey in order to bring it to us.
Super Meat Boy Galaxy