Super Mario Bros remade with Unreal Development Kit

I’ll be honest with you, I’m speechless. Have you ever wondered how Super Mario Bros would look like if it was an FPS title? Well time to find out. YouTube user 525Leomas released a while ago a video from his project – to learn more about game development – that passed under the radar of pretty much everyone.
And it shouldn’t as it is really a mind-blowing project. This new take on Super Mario Bros features both a pseudo-3D platform perspective (similar to the one found on the Wii) and a first person one.
In all seriousness, if this was ever released, I’d buy it. This is really great and kudos to the creator of it. Enjoy!
FPS Mario (UDK) World 1-4

Make sure to also check the CG video from Freddiew, who was the first one to envision Super Mario Bros with a first person perspective. Although Freddiew’s approach is graphically better, it’s a simple CG video and nothing more. 525Leomas’ footage is from an actual, playable game. So kudos to both of them!
First Person Mario