Street Fighter 6 roster

Street Fighter 6 Demo is now available for download on PC

Capcom has just released the demo of Street Fighter 6 on PC via Steam. According to the devs, this demo lets you play through the beginning of World Tour and select modes in Fighting Ground.

From what I know, players will be able to train in World Tour with Ryu and Luke. And no, sadly Chun Li and Cammy are not present in this mode.

Since the World Tour features an open-world area, it can give you a good idea of how the game will run. This mode can be more CPU and GPU taxing than the traditional Battle Fights.

It’s also worth noting that the avatar that you create in this demo can be used in the full version of the game.

You can go ahead and download the PC demo from here.

Have fun!

Street Fighter 6 - Demo Trailer