WWII strategy wargame, Hearts of Iron IV, has sold half a million copies

Paradox Development Studio announced today that Hearts of Iron IV, its World War II themed strategy wargame, has sold 500K copies worldwide since its release in June 2016. This milestone follows record sales for Stellaris, Europa Universalis IV and Crusader Kings II, once again confirming Paradox as the premier developer of computer strategy games.

Fredrik Wester, CEO of Paradox Interactive, said:

“The PC remains the primary platform for games of this nature. Even genres that have traditionally been seen as niche can find a large audience, if a developer is dedicated to quality, variety and learning from both previous experiences and the community at large.”

Hearts of Iron IV recently saw the release of Together for Victory, the first major expansion to the game.

Lead Designer Dan Lind added:

“As a result of this success we are able to take advantage of extra time to add tweaks and polish to the game. Our community has high standards, and we will work hard to to live up to their expectations in the coming weeks and months. We really want HoI to be the best it can be for our fans.”

While there has been a controversy as to whether SteamSpy is accurate or not, we can actually see below that its report is almost spot on regarding Hearts of Iron IV’s sales.