STRAFE – Action-Packed Retro First-Person Shooter – Pre-Alpha Build Available for Download

In order to spark further interest for its retro gory action-packed FPS, STRAFE, Pixel Titans released the game’s pre-alpha build to everyone. STRAFE’s Kickstarter campaign ends in 66 hours and the team has not hit yet its initial goal of $185K (so far it has raised $134K).

As the team noted, this pre-alpha version is broken and not representative of the final game. Still, it will let PC gamers get a taste of this retro shooter.

STRAFE’s pre-alpha version features custom options (inverted mouse, FOV/visor/gun sliders, etc), procedural level generation, finished enemy AI and pathfinding and secrets.

Those interested can download the pre-alpha demo from its Kickstarter page.