Stories: The Path of Destinies Is Now Available

Spearhead Games announced today the release of Stories: The Path of Destinies. Stories: The Path of Destinies is an action-RPG set in a vibrant fairytale universe filled with floating islands, majestic airships, and colorful magic.

In Stories: Path of Destinies, players take the role of Reynardo; an ex-pirate and unintentional hero who suddenly becomes the last line of the defense against the mad Emperor and his countless ravens.

Here are the game’s key features:

  • Unique choice-based narrative in which players explore many different storylines to find the path to victory
  • Fluid and fast-paced combat blending acrobatic swordplay, grab attacks, special abilities, and more
  • Charming hand-drawn illustrations and a colorful storybook aesthetic
  • A deep skill tree where players can unlock powerful new abilities such as the Hookshot or even Time Mastery
  • An arsenal of magic-infused swords that can be crafted and upgraded
  • An original soundtrack that changes dynamically with every choice


Stories: The Path of Destinies - Launch Trailer [ESRB]

Stories: The Path of Destinies - Narrative Trailer [PEGI]