Stonerid – 2D platformer featuring two parallel, differently designed worlds – Gets A Public Demo


Enitvare has informed us about its indie title called Stonerid. Stonerid is described as a difficult 2D platformer, which the most important feature are two parallel, differently designed worlds. To finish each of 32 different levels, one must deftly use differences between alternative dimensions.

According to its description, the main task is to solve the mystery of toxic substances that have appeared unexpectedly on Atronast Mountain.

“At the peak of the mountain there has been growing a Great Tree. Its power has granted peaceful life to all the residents of the mountain. However, toxins caused dieback of the Great Tree, so now someone must find a solution to the problem.”

Here are the key features of Stonerid:

– 32 extensive levels with 2 parallel, differently designed worlds
– 31 bonus levels especially for players who like new challenges
– 5 diverse lands (forest, winterland, caverns, cemetery, swamps)
– high difficulty level
– unique gameplay mechanisms
– wonderful artwork
– beautiful, moody soundtrack

Those interested can download a demo for it from here.

Enitvare has provided us with a review code, and we’ll be posting our first 15 minutes playthrough shortly.


Stonerid Official Trailer