Stellar Impact Launched; New MMO game from Tindalos Interactive

Tindalos Interactive has just released their first game,  Stellar Impact, an online multiplayer game for PC. Stellar Impact is an online strategy game taking place in a Sci-Fi/Space Opera universe and stands somewhere between classics RTS and MOBA/DotA games.
The company’s goal was to create a demanding but rewarding gameplay, based on maneuvers, skills and strategies elaboration. Most of all, they tried to create something fun and teamplay oriented!
In Stellar Impact, you command a space battleship in intense tactical combats with team mates. You will have to make tricky maneuvers, elaborate efficient strategies and most of all play collective if you want to be victorious. It’s also possible to upgrade your spaceship, its crew and the weaponry systems to get stronger and crush your enemies in various game modes.