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Steam Sales 2015 Report – Generated $3.5 Billion, Sold Over 350 Million Paid Games

And there is nothing stopping this train. Steam Spy has published its final Steam Sales 2015 report. And as we can see, Valve’s distribution service has sold over 350 million paid games, generating around $3.5 billion in 2015.

For what is worth, it’s reported that PC worldwide core games market is estimated to be around $27 billion in 2015. And yes, that’s a huge number, which explains why more and more publishers bring their titles to our platform.

Going into more details, here is a graph showing the sales over the past months.

As we can see, April and December were the most profitable months for publishers in 2015.

And as for the games, Grand Theft Auto V and Fallout 4 were the most profitable titles on Steam in 2015. GTA V has sold almost 4 million copies and generated $161 million, whereas Fallout has sold almost 3 million copies and generated $122 million.

So… in other words…

PC gaming is dead. Long live PC gaming.