Steam – Day 1 Announcement – Game Hubs Revealed

Good news for Steam users as Valve will be revealing some new features its digital distribution service during the next four days. Today, the company unveiled Steam’s Game Hubs. Game Hubs are collections of game-centric discussions, workshop items, screenshots, videos, and news. It’s both community created and official content, as rated by you, Steam users.
This basically means that screenshots, videos, workshop items, news, and discussions are all easily accessible for each game via its Game Hub.
Each Hub has a Discussions tab so now you can talk about your favorite games without diving into the Steam Forums. Moreover, the most popular content as rated by you and other community members floats to the top of the Hub and will be easily spotted.
Last but not least, every game on Steam has a hub to show off the latest news and what’s going on in the community.
Valve will unveil a new Steam feature tomorrow, so stay tuned for more!