State of Decay Coming To PC Later This Year With New – a.k.a. Standard PC – Features

Undead Labs announced – via its Twitter account – that its open world zombie title, State of Decay, will be coming to the PC later this year. State of Decay is powered by CryEngine 3 and has already been released to X360 and met critical success as it sold half a million copies in XBLA, in less than two weeks.
Undead Labs has also revealed some new features that will be coming on the PC version of State of Decay. According to the development team, the PC version of the game will include enhanced graphics, support for higher resolutions and an increased frame rate. Okay, you can’t really call those new features as these are things that are supposed to be included in the PC versions of – pretty much – all games.
Still, Undead Labs has hinted at a sandbox mode that may be included in the PC version of State of Decay (and will most probably come to the X360 version via a DLC). This has not been confirmed yet, but Unread Labs is already excited about it.
Undead Labs will not be providing any mod tools for State of Decay PC, however it will welcome any mods that may surface for it.
State of Decay will be released through Steam’s Early Access, meaning that players will be able to play the game as the developers create it. It’s a similar concept to Bohemia’s Arma 3, so it will be interesting to see whether more titles will take advantage of this new features from Steam.
Enjoy and stay tuned for more!