StarCraft Universe Mod Enters Open Beta Phase

Starcraft 2 v3
Great news for all Starcraft fans as the amazing World of Starcraft MMO (that was renamed to StarCraft Universe) has entered its open beta phase and can be played right here, right now. StarCraft Universe is a game mod (Note: it is not a standalone game) for StarCraft 2. Originally named World of StarCraft, SCU’s focus is recreating multiplayer raid battle experiences found in the game: World of Warcraft.
StarCraft Universe takes place in an alternate timeline, 11 years after the events which transpire in the ‘In Utter Darkness scenario of the StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty campaign.
The objective of this game is to experience dungeon raiding and player versus player (PVP) arena in StarCraft 2.The focus of the game will to have a team of players/friends creating/customizing their own hero character which they use to battle together through enemy forces of a powerful boss, or within the pvp arena. These arenas and boss battles will be fun, exciting and very challenging.
Players must have an internet connection and a gaming PC/Laptop, a Account and a copy of StarCraft 2. In order to play the open beta, log into SC2 and type “Universe” into the Arcade search.
StarCraft Universe - Chronicles of Fate Prologue Trailer (Open Alpha)