StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void – First Details, Screenshots & Trailer For Allied Commanders Mode

Blizzard revealed today the first details for Allied Commanders, a brand-new cooperative game mode in Legacy of the Void, the upcoming final chapter of StarCraft II. In Allied Commanders mode, players take on the roles of legendary StarCraft commanders and team up to defeat a host of enemies in a series of objective-based missions, leveling up their commanders as they progress.

Each commander has a distinct play style and devastating abilities, as well as new cooperative powers exclusive to the Allied Commanders mode. New abilities, units, and upgrades are unlocked as the commanders work together to dominate each mission.

Three commanders have just been revealed today and are playable at gamescom:

· Jim Raynor represents the heart and fighting spirit of the Terran Dominion, leading an army that focuses on infantry and Terran war machines, including the ability to call down the power of the Hyperion Battlecruiser, the flagship of his fleet
· Kerrigan takes to the battlefield alongside her Swarm, which comprises some of the most iconic Zerg units from the StarCraft franchise
· Artanis commands the Protoss forces from high above in the Spear of Adun, and can quickly reinforce his allies anywhere on the map, including calling down orbital strikes with deadly precision

StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void is coming to the PC later this year.



StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void - Allied Commanders Preview