StarCraft: Final Metamorphosis is a mind-blowing fan-made CG movie

Chris “Freespace” Ciocotisan and StarCraft Legacy released a few days ago a new, fan-made cinematic called StarCraft: Final Metamorphosis. StarCraft: Final Metamorphosis depicts several scenes from the events occurring before and during the Brood War era. It was created, like First Contact, to cinematically recreate canonical lore scenes from the games, the books, and other parts of the extended universe and hopefully, for 7 minutes and 30 seconds entertain you, by taking you once more into the heart of the war-torn Koprulu Sector. This is a drooling CG cinematic – albeit the characters’ animations that are not up to the standards of Blizzard’s CG movies. Still, for a one-man work, this is simply fantastic. Enjoy!
StarCraft: Final Metamorphosis