Starcraft 2 Has “Major Design Changes” in the Pipeline

Just recently Blizzard released their remastered version of the original Starcraft, now they have turned their attention to the sequel in the franchise saying that their is “Major Design Changes” to the games multiplayer mode.

Blizzard has announced these changes on their website, providing a “initial list of changes” that are merely being “proposed” at this point in time.

Most of the changes involve specific units such as MULEs, these units can now harvest Vespene gas but also bring fewer minerals back than before and also if there is more than one MULE working on a refinery it will be much less efficient than if it was alone.

“As with last year, this design patch will require a large amount of testing, feedback, and revision before it can go live for everyone to enjoy, so we wanted to get it into your hands for testing as fast as possible,” Blizzard said. “The changes in this blog are live on the Testing section of StarCraft II Multiplayer, and we would like to release the final changes after this year’s tournament season concludes in November.”

A very large list of the changes can be found here: