Star Wars comes to Company of Heroes thanks to this great total conversion mod

The Front Lines Development team has released the alpha version of its Star Wars total conversion mod for Company of Heroes, StarWars Frontlines – The Galactic Civil War. According to the team, this alpha version features limited, but exciting content that has never been seen in Company of Heroes before.

StarWars Frontlines – The Galactic Civil War total conversion mod will allow you to play as the evil Empire or the Rebel Alliance, in the civil war that occurs two decades after the Clone wars and the Great Jedi purge and is depicted in the original Star Wars trilogy.

This first alpha version features 2 asymmetrical factions: the Galacitc Empire and the Rebel Alliance, with one complete and functionnal Commander Tree each, custom 3D models and 2D icons for all of the units, abilities and gear, lasers special effects and different sounds for every weapon, as well as a complete, functionnal infantry units roster (no vehicles nor base building yet) each with their very own skills and way to fight. Furthermore, it comes with a custom map showcasing Tatooine scenery and designed for infantry combat and music from the Original Trilogy.

Those interested can download this alpha version of the mod from here.

Have fun!

Company of Heroes- STAR WARS MOD