Star Conflict – Closed Beta Test Starts Today

Gaijin Entertainment announced today the launch of the closed beta test for Star Conflict, an upcoming space game developed by Star Gem that created one more present for players – it’s hidden in the game. First warriors of the intergalactic battle gained an access to dozens of combat spaceships and hundreds of modules for their upgrade – the variety of available items and equipment will continuously increase to provide players with new surprising technologies, inventions, and skills. Star Conflict looks gorgeous, at least from the teaser trailer and the screenshots we got a while back so make sure to check it out.
Even though the project is still in development, the combat, character, and equipment progression make up a complex and balanced gameplay system that promises an exciting and challenging Star Conflict experience—a proper rehearsal for the main battle.
Star Conflict is being created as a game in which anyone can feel like the pilot of a combat spaceship, take part in fierce wars between intergalactic factions that are struggling to obtain the mysterious artifacts of an ancient race and write your name in chronicles of the Universe.
Those interested can sign-up for the beta here.