SPRAWL feature

SPRAWL is a Quake-style retro FPS, inspired by Akira and Ghost in the Shell

Rogue Games has announced a new Quake-style retro first-person shooter with environments heavily inspired by Akira and Ghost in the Shell, called SPRAWL.

SPRAWL is described as a hardcore retro FPS set in an endless cyberpunk megalopolis. In this game, players will escape the walled city and take on the militarized government of the sprawl.

Now the good news here is that SPRAWL won’t be another roguelike/roguelite FPS. Or at least that’s what its Steam store page implies.

In this game, players will assume the role of SEVEN, a disgraced special ops super soldier who finds herself embroiled in conflict with government forces trying to kill her while a mysterious voice in her head pushes her to survive.

Now while the developers claim that SPRAWL will feature Quake-like gameplay, it feels more like a hybrid of Quake and FEAR. After all, players will be able to slow down time in order to kill their enemies. And, as we all know, Quake didn’t have any slow-motion mechanics. Furthermore, players will also be able to wall-run.

As said, SPRAWL will feature environments inspired by classics like Akira and Ghost in the Shell. The game will also have a dynamic music system that will respond to your actions. Moreover, MAETH will include an original industrial electronic soundtrack.

Rogue Games plans to release this FPS in August 2023. So yeah, keep an eye on it as it looks kind of cool. I just hope that its single-player campaign will be at least better than most of the recent boomer shooters. Truth be told, I’m really enjoying Trepang2 right now and from the looks of it, SPRAWL won’t be able to match it. Still, I’m kind of interested in it.

Enjoy its trailer!


Kudos to our reader “durka durka” for bringing this to our attention.