The spiritual successor to PS4-exclusive Resogun, Nex Machina, releases on June 20th

Housemarque Games, the studio behind the hit titles Resogun, Alienation and Matterfall, has revealed that the upcoming arcade shooter, Nex Machina, will launch on June 20th.

Working in collaboration with Eugene Jarvis, legendary creator of Robotron 2048 and Smash TV, the game is a tribute to the arcade classics of the 1980s.

In Nex Machina, humans have become deeply dependent on technology, while around them, machines have reached consciousness and surpassed human intelligence ten-fold. The machines turn on their creators and make it their mission to eradicate human life. Nex Machina features explosive classic arcade gameplay, while making full use of today’s technology to complement highly developed twin-stick play.

Additionally, today Housemarque announced local co-op play for the game. Staying true to the old-school arcade halls, local co-op will be included at Nex Machina’s launch, allowing players to compete against one another or work side by side to achieve victory.

Nex Machina Coop Trailer